REA Corporation

REA is an enterprise architecture and information system strategy consulting firm that leads mission-critical projects for the Bay Area Fortune 500. With a focus on growth industries, REA is a knowledge leader in the area of service-oriented software (SaaS).
Client Since: October 2009
Industries: Energy, High Tech, Financial Services, Health Care, Biotech
Luxe Role: Marketing & Business Development

  • Drove a comprehensive rebranding by working with REA’s CEO to reveal the company’s essential qualities. Developed a web site design concept, wrote new web site copy, and project managed the print and web site redesign production teams.
  • Developed REA’s 2011 Business Development Plan, which included a comprehensive CEO action plan, a modular marketing packet, and interactive demo materials. Supplied new talent to bring the client’s concepts to life through virtual reality demos.
  • Developed targeted marketing presentations for specific executives at Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Provided executive coaching to the CEO around key messages and presentation delivery.
  • Edited proprietary intellectual property materials, including corporate white papers and patent applications.


Hollywood Networks is the parent company that supports The Hollywood Awards, The Hollywood Film Festival, and other important entertainment industry brands. Luxe Consulting supplied strategic and marketing-oriented recommendations for the Chief Executive.


Client Since: April 2010
Industry: Media & Entertainment
Luxe Role: Corporate Strategy, Marketing

  • 18 months subsequent to launch, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the initial business model, and the viability of the initial model in the current business environment
  • Conducted a competitive analysis that exposed the key success factors of frontrunners and showed recommended, and contraindicated tactics for Hollywood News.
  • Developed recommendations to support short- and long-term goals at the lowest-possible cost; supplied tactical and strategic alternatives as primary and secondary measures


Private Client

For an undisclosed private client wishing to explore two business ventures, helped investigate the viability of business ideas. Developed formal business cases and early business plans for a financial services product with a macroeconomic focus and a retail certification product.
Client Since: April 2010
Industries: Financial Services, Retail
Luxe Role: Business Plan Development

  • Conducted market research, including a thorough competitive analysis for each respective product
  • Assembled a team of experts from related fields to consult on the effort—experts supplied formal, defensible opinions around product viability as well as success/failure feedback
  • Developed strategic and financial models to illuminate the business case, and to drive the final opinion


Private Client

For an undisclosed private client wishing to explore a web-based business venture, helped the ideator develop a revenue model for the business.
Project Dates: October 2009 to December 2009
Industries: Entertainment
Luxe Role: Business Plan Development

  • Worked with private client to help articulate the vision for an entertainment web site concept; helped client go from a great idea to an idea that could make money
  • Created an early project plan and year one cost model that described the total effort involved launching the business
  • Developed a total life cycle profile for the business, that included possible endgame strategies for the business owner


Twirly Girls Pole Fitness

Twirly Girls is a dance fitness and strength training studio located in Pleasanton, CA.
Project Dates: April 2009 to June 2009
Luxe Role: Financial Analysis and Business Plan Development

  • Helped a veteran fitness instructor transition her proprietary fitness program formerly offered through affiliated health clubs start her own fitness studio and reclaim the offering of her program
  • Developed business plan and financial documentation necessary for the owner to secure a building lease and other operating necessities