About Luxe

Luxe Consulting is a San Francisco Bay Area based firm providing world class professional services to industry-diverse clients. The Luxe brand leverages the strengths of top-notch professionals who have elevated their specialty areas to an art form. Firmly rooted in the Bay Area culture of leading-edge practices and progressive thinking, Luxe focuses on quality and sophistication. Our effectiveness in driving results stems from the passion of our consultants, who enjoy what they do and are committed to our clients.

The Luxe Team

Luxe consultants are alumni of world-class educational institutions and professional enterprises, including Fortune 500 corporations, Big 4 Accounting and Big 5 Consulting firms. In addition to industry and subject matter expertise, Luxe consultants bring to engagements professional networks that open doors for Luxe clients. (more…)


Quality. Sophistication. Talent. LUXE.